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+ASCENT TO POWER+ is a heavyweight contender in East Coast METAL scene and has been since 2010. +A.T.P+ has aggressively grown their fan base, both online and in-the-flesh, with relentless grass roots promotion and by organizing their own festivals and live shows.

+A.T.P+ has had the privilege of playing packed venues as tour support for national bands such as MUSHROOMHEAD / Hed PE on their Hed2Head tour 4 years strong, UNEARTH / SUICIDE SILENCE during their Mayhem Festival Tour, All Shall Perish, Texas Hippie Coalition, Red Fang, American Head Charge, Kittie, Powerman 5000, Trivium, the Misfits, Ill Nino, The Agonist, Blackguard, The Bunny The Bear  and more!

In August 2011 +A.T.P+ released an EP featuring tracks engineered by Gary Hibbard of ToneZone Studio including “New Declaration of Independence” and “Zombie Apocalypse”. The EP received national radio play on commercial, internet and college stations.

In January of 2012, +A.T.P+ released their music video directed and produced by Anne B of Musical Mayhem for their single “New Declaration of Independence" , and after kicking it off with a Live USTREAM band broadcast, it received 1000’s of plays online and on local and national metal shows. 

+Ascent To Power+ spent 2013 pushing their music farther throughout the country, continuing with their strong grass roots promotion and strong determination and motivation to ultimately bring their Full Metal Dominance brand of METAL to the MASSES through constant touring and grass roots promotion.  In late 2013 +A.T.P+ took a few months away from live shows to record their full length CD “World Order”.

On Jan 1, 2014 Ascent To Power released their full length album through their self started and funded label FMD Records. The album can be found on national outlets such as MTV Music, CD Baby, Pandora, i-Tunes, and more including a store near you!

In January 2016 +A.T.P+ released there 2nd  CD “The Situation Is Under Control”  mastered by Roger Lian whos credit include God Forbid, Pantera, Slayer and more. ATP again released this album on their own FMD label and also announced national endorsements by Coldcock Whiskey, Spectraflex Cables, and RockNRoll Gangstar as well as local endorsement by Professional Piercers of Maine.

After several live events in support of “The Situation is Under Control” in 2016, 2017, and early 2018 Ascent to Power took a much need break to re-charge and write new music to close out 2018 into 2019.

2020 brings a new year and a new CD “Left For Dead” due out the end of the year. It is being recorded at FMD Studios and will once again be mastered by Roger Lian. The CD will include 8 tunes that will take you on an EPIC journey from start to finish.

“The Corrupt Fear Us, The Honest Support Us, The Heroic Join US” in the new METAL movement known as ASCENT TO POWER!

Vocals - Rick Servidio
Guitar - Brendon David
Guitar - Shawn Castonguay
Bass - Shane Farris
Drums - Mike Feeney

Ed Keithan - Stage Manager / Security
Mark Ferris- Road Crew Lead
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